WARNING – Motorsports are dangerous.  No warranty or representation is made or implied as to BTB Products products ability to protect the user from injury or death.  The user assumes all risk.


Warranty – Read before you buy…  Products manufactured by and for BTB Products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship before installation.  BTB Products cannot control the severity of off-road terrain, your off-road driving habits, the quality of your installation of our products or any combination of these or other factors.  The purchaser and/or user of BTB Products products understands no warranty if offered concerning the performance of BTB Products manufactured products after installation.  Warranty is limited to replacement of a defective product before installation, provided the product has not been modified or damaged.  No claims of any type whatsoever will be considered after installation.  This pre-installation warranty will include original destination freight charges only when BTB Products error is involved, but DOES NOT include the cost incurred due to down time of the vehicle or any other consequential losses.  This pre-installation warranty is limited to the value of the merchandise purchased and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.  Due to lack of control over products supplied to us by other manufacturers, such products carry on the manufacturer’s warranty and carry no BTB Products warranty whatsoever implied or otherwise.

Aftermarket accessories are intended to modify and/or prepare a vehicle for uses which exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacturer.  These uses include high performance demands and negotiation of rough terrain.  These conditions vary in and cannot be controlled by the vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket accessory manufacturer.  The parts we sell are intended for use by qualified vehicle builders, who are the designer and final manufacturer of the vehicle that is using these components.  If your vehicle’s stock components or our components become over-stressed due to frequent or radical off road use the safe control of your vehicle will be compromised.  The safe control of your vehicle is entire your responsibility.  Do not purchase our components unless you are willing to accept this responsibility.  Do not install any product if you do not feel competent at installing the product without causing present or future injury to yourself or others.  Consult a professional installer.